The secret of Princess Rosalina

This post is a copy from my old blog at  It was the most popular post there by far; so, while I decided this blog would mostly start fresh, for this one post I decided it would be best to save a duplicate.

In an interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi, the game director for Super Mario Galaxy, he once talked about how Shigeru Miyamoto, the project’s godfather, wanted him to take the storyline of the game and scale back its presence – make it more minimalist and background.

He did – the story of Princess Rosalina, the Lumas, and the Comet Observatory in the final game are background elements, touched briefly upon at the beginning and end of the game, with a optional small story in the game’s “library” that you can unlock as the game progresses.

But when he did that, he buried a secret deep inside the game, about Princess Rosalina’s true origin.

The storybook in the library tells a fairy tale; about a girl who saw a spaceship crash one day, that contained a Luma who was looking for his lost mother.  She joins him on his search, and eventually, the two of them become lost in the universe together.  They promise to take care of each other, and build a new life in a castle on a blue comet; other Lumas join them, and soon the girl is the foster mother of a whole crowd of Lumas.

Most players slowly figured out that the story of the girl was actually the origin story of Princess Rosalina as they watched the story unfold, and the last two chapters of the storybook, accessible when you complete the game, more or less prove it.

But inside that storybook is something odd.  Chapter Four, “The Dream”.  The girl – young Rosalina – has a dream that’s also an omen about her losing her mother back on Earth.  We only get to see her mother’s face once, the lower half only –

Is that Princess Peach?And looking at her earrings and hairstyle, it’s obvious Rosalina’s mother is Princess Peach.  But – it’s just as obvious that this couldn’t be Princess Peach; in the main game, her and Rosalina are the same age, and Peach never had any children anyway.  (Not even Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Sunshine.)

So, players seeing this for the first time will either shrug and forget about it, or never even notice the resemblance in the first place.  It’s a piece of trivia that goes nowhere, until the end of the game, when the second strange thing happens.

Well, actually, the “strange thing” is the whole ending itself.  Super Mario Galaxy’s ending is pretty spectacular.  Bowser’s huge lava planet at the center of the universe implodes, creating a massive black hole that threatens everyone there – Bowser’s army, the Comet Observatory, Peach’s castle, and all the main characters.

They’re rescued when all the Lumas pour themselves into the black hole, transforming it into something resembling the Big Bang.  They all come out as newborn stars, and Rosalina explains: stars turn to stardust, and then form again as new stars.  “But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way…  So.. you’ll see.”

Mario, Peach, and Bowser all wake up back on their home planet and the Mushroom Kingdom, to find that it’s been transformed and “remixed”, with all the characters they’ve met on the journey taking up residence in the Mushroom Kingdom.  The voice of Rosalina explains that all life, not just planets, come from the essence of stars, and Mario joyfully shouts, “WELCOME!  WELCOME NEW GALAXY!” as the camera zooms out of the atmosphere to show the newly created galaxy the Mushroom Kingdom is now a neighbour to.

But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way..Nice ending, and surprisingly heavy for a Mario game.

But did you remember that single page in Chapter 4 of the storybook?

If the cycle of the universe repeats itself in mostly the same way, Princess Rosalina’s origin becomes clear…

She’s the daughter of Princess Peach from a previous cycle of the universe.

That Princess Peach was the loving mother of a family with two children, and she died sometime after her daughter disappeared, following a lost Luma around the universe.

In another interview with Koizumi about Super Mario Galaxy, he explained that Princess Rosalina was originally intended to be related to Princess Peach, but they changed her to be an unrelated character later in development.

This, it turns out, is only half-true.  She’s not related to the current Princess Peach, true; but here, we see the remnants of the previous idea, turned into a secret that’s been buried deep into the game’s minimalist story.

When Miyamoto asked Koizumi to scale back on the game’s storyline, I wonder if this is the effect the two of them intended?

And when Princess Rosalina says, “So.. you’ll see..” what did she mean by that..?

There's something I'd like to give you..

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  1. Hello,

    I posted a comment back at your old blog at It had a link to a .jpg and an inspired vision of an advanced theory about Rosalina.
    Did you by any chance kept the comments from your old blog?


  2. Hello,

    I was very inspired by your explanation of Rosalina origins.
    I had some time to kill and I pushed the theory farther.
    My theory can in some way explain Mario Bros General storyline and every Mario Bros we’ve been playing all those years.

    Here it goes:

    The following theory is based on this blog and many quotes from Mario Galaxy specially this one: “But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way… So.. you’ll see.”

    Imagine every Super Mario Bros games (Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3, World, 64, Sunshine; New Super Mario Bros, …) as different Universes of Mario.

    All those Universes start with a Big Bang and goes on until we meet the recurring timeline of those games where Peach is usually captured and Mario has to save her.

    Then after this, the story goes on until Mario and Peach get together and have Rosalina and her brother. Then Rosalina does or continental visit discretely every 100 years and eventually die with the end of the World.

    But for Mario Galaxy Universe:

    I represented it with a graphic with the timeline and dates in order to explain the particularity of the Mario Galaxy Universe.

    In this Universe everything went as usual except that in this time during her continental visit Rosalina‘s observatory was attacked by Bowser. This created the timeline which is slightly different where Rosalina interact with the past and all those Galaxy appear.


    Let me know what you think read carefully the .JPG which explain the age difference and how time goes in space.


    • But do you remember in super Mario sunshine at the beginning when flood loads up all Mario’s past battles with bowser wouldn’t flood forget about that because of a new universe being created?

      • Okay this is just a random-wild theory.

        When flood scanned mario, flood only saw 2 games.

        1) super mario world SNES (I think. I’m not 100% sure)

        2) super mario 64 (N64)

        So what if, only in that one specific dimension that they are in when flood scanned him, bowser’s first appearance was in super mario world SNES (in that dimension) so that’s when mario first beat bowser. So then, bowser wants revenge on mario. That’s when mario 64 comes in. So let’s just say that mario 64 is “bowsers revenge” in that specific dimension because bowser lost the first time in super mario world and now he wants revenge (mario 64) that’s when bowser makes a 3rd attempt (super mario sunshine). Normally when someone humiliates you (mario humiliated bowser by defeating him) in front of the person you love, (bowser loves peach) you want to get back at the person who humiliated you, don’t you? :p (REVENGE)

        AND another thing.
        When Rosalina said “But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way…” It kind of makes sense. I mean, look at paper mario! Somewhere in a different dimension of mario, everything (Including mario) is made out of paper, simply because “the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way!”

        This is just a theory though xD my brain hurts now ;_;

      • I think the brother might be luigi because in one of the chapters of the book Rosalina is standing next to a tall figure that’s whearing a green hat

    • You have a good explanation but Peach and Mario never ended up together. You could guess they had Rosalina but that doesn’t happen.

      Peach is both left and right handed while Luigi is left handed.
      If you pull up a imagine of Rosalina, her wand would be in her left hand.
      Which means she would be Luigi and Peach’s daughter.

      If you pull up a video Youtube it will explain it rather well.

  3. That last part after “done” is what i thought. The other person said that Rosalina can’t be Peach’s daughter because they are the same age. When you are going to earth (einstein’s theory) at the speed of light, your age and time go slower. So it means that Rosalina is Peach’s daughter in a different dimension.

  4. Take a look at the French version of Mario Galaxy ! In the epilogue you can read : “J’aimerais bien une fois tous les cent ans, retourner sur ma planète bleue, et m’assoupir sur les genoux de mon papa en caressant cette moustache qui fait sa fierté”
    Translation : “I would like once every hundred years, back to my blue planet, and dozed on the knees of my dad stroking the mustache that made ​​his pride.”

    I was very surprised that the U.S. / English version was more ambiguous about Rosalina origin.

    When I’ve finished this game, it was clear for me that Harmonie (French name for Rosalina) was Peach and Mario daughter from another timeline.

    Sorry for my English.

  5. Hello all, I re-uploaded my Mario dimension/universe Theory my first post back in 2010 : “FREM | September 7, 2010 at 10:23 am” in better quality : . First read the post I wrote, then read my theory, tell me what you think.

    • The only problem with this is that Rosalina’s mom died before she left with the Luma. That’s the main reason she left when she was a child because she wanted to get away from everything after her mom died. I mean think about it. How did Rosalina know where her mom died, and where she was buried (under the tree) after she had left her home planet? She wouldn’t have been able to know, or see how her mom died IF Rosalina left, BEFORE her mom died.

  6. The idea is that ALL Mario games are a new galaxy/universe/Cycle of Mario, “But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way…”. So they all start the same with a big bang they grow up things are slightly different but then arrive the part we all know and love Peach get captured by browser, and get rescued Mario. Then years later Mario and peach have 2 kids,… then Rosalina story happens and she does her centennial visit at 24 year old then usually nothing happen, because she doesn’t interact just observe. BUT IN Mario galaxy like explained it went wrong in this Cycle/universe/dimension because she accidentally interacted with bowser who sees her “comet observatory” and attacks it . This unfortunate accident made us discover the future of peach and Mario after every video games we’ve been playing all those years :-). They actually have kids and the story is tragic because Peach lost her daughter when she’s 5 years old going away in the spaceship with the Lumas, here is the theory, take the time to read it you’ll get it :-), even the age difference is explained :

      • They say it is Luigi because it is in the story book. But how can it be if Luigi is Mario’s brother get it from the title “super Mario bros” that doesn’t make any sense to me? And also Rosalina is Mario and peach’s daughter and peach is not dead ’cause if she was then how come we see peach in other Mario games?

      • U guys got it wrong in the story book rosalinas dad had a telescope she would borrow. Who else has a telescope? LUIGI!

  7. It’s official now Mario Galaxy’s scenario is the best Mario scenario of all Mario video games history. It explains us the future of our heroes, and kind of help us understand what why we’ve been playing the same game over and over :-). We’ve just been repeating the cycle in a slightly different way in different universe/dimension. To have Mario and Peach get together and have a family with a tragic future for there daughter Rosalina :-(.

  8. Continuity does exist in some sort of fashion in the Super Mario universe. Past games are referenced every now and then in newer games. One example are the flashbacks of Mario and Bowser battles in Super Mario Sunshine.

    I wish that they didn’t retcon Rosalina’s backstory (exactly like they did with The Koopalings) and made her not related to Peach. The theory of Rosalina being the future daughter of Peach and Mario is interesting (it’s very Sailor Moon!). One theory that I have that not many people consider is that Rosalina is Peach’s aunt and that her aforementioned mother and brother are Peach’s father and paternal grandmother respectively.

  9. Yes, the Mario story is not deep. We’d LIKE it to be but, it’s really not. Nintendo is not trying to make something serious like Metal Gear or anything. In fact, any seriousness is stomped out of the Mario universe. When dark elements like Zelda or Metroid even interact with Mario, it must be toned down as Mario is a happy go lucky series. Having Rosalina do time jumps and dimension rips is all fine and dandy and could have even been the intention but Nintendo will never acknowledge that and just add her to the roster of girls getting rescued and playing sports and Mario Party with the same villains who want to kidnap them. Mario and Luigi used to be plumbers from Brooklyn but that was retconned as well because plumbers from Brooklyn would give an image not fit for Nintendo’s cash cow. So while this is all very interesting (Game Theory brought me here), I’ll have to say that none of it will be valid. If Nintendo let THIS theory be a reality, it would attract all kinds of bad attention to their squeeky clean image of games that can be played by all ages. I’m 30 and looking at this like “Whoa” so a 9-year-old has no place with something this deep either.

    • Mario and Luigi are plumbers again as of Odyssey. I know i’m replying to a 3.5-year-old post but it might give future readers a better perspective.

  10. but a lot of nintendo games, even mario ones when you look into their lore as a whole are deep. the goombas are actually rebels, angry because the toads are racist (the goombas joined bowser because the toads mocked their low intelligence that was stated ever since the first super mario game) and peach is constantly getting kidnapped by a monster who is both power-hungry and madly in love with her (proven thanks to super paper mario, he only listens to peach when hes the protaganist).

    hell super mario galaxy without this theory states that the universe is constantly being remade with differences. implying that any mario theory can be correct at some point.

    id much prefer to having children playing a light-hearted game only to find out there’s deepness behind it when theyre adults.

    ethier way i hope miyamoto or the storybook writer sheds some light on rosalina’s origins, specifically her parents.

      • There is also a part 2 to “his” theory. The video has the same presence as yours. Gametheory is a popular youtuber who mainly takes theories that he claims are his without giving credit to those who came up with the theory first. “His” video was made two weeks ago.

      • *In continuation of my comment below.

        I am a fellow theorist of my own with no voice. Some of “his” theories are wrong and he refuses to take criticism on which ones are. Such as his mario is mental theory.

      • Also, this is an extra comment just to make sure I get your comments in reply via email. So reply to this comment so I can respond back. Thanks,

    • God how stupid can people get
      No one owns theories just like no one owns questions… A theory is something someone thinks what happens and others might have a similar theory.

      And sorry to tell you this but he does credit everything
      If he saw this blog he would of showed part of the blog in the video.
      Don’t be one of those stupid people on the Internet
      Youtubers that get paid have to credit things it’s YouTube policy

  11. Thank you for this info, he did totally rip off our theories about the big bang and everything around it, time in space explanation, the french version of the game, …. He did however made a very interesting conclusion about Luigi being the father of Rosalina, with the brother green hat clue. That part I missed it, I like it.

    He should have give us credits did you message him ? I don’t have a google+ account so I can’t comment or contact him.

  12. You mean your theory ;). I had nothing to do with it. This theory you came up with is 100% your idea. I read your theory over a year ago but never responded. The instant I heard the same idea come from game theory I instantly looked for your old blog. I dont think it is fair that he gets the credit for other peoples theories. You came up with this theory over 4 years ago. Next thing you know is is going to steal my theories.

    As for connecting with him, it is almost impossible. Before this came up I tried everything to get in contact with him to try to disprove his Mario is mental theory. I tried emailing his business account, posting on his facebook wall, tried to tweet him. I even tried to find his phone number. So far… No responses. At one point I have even tried to make a video trying to counter act him. Though sadly, I am unable to. I dont have to right equipment or experience let alone a good motivational voice to even make a video. I honestly dont know what to do.

    All I am is an IGN blogger who makes fanboy posts that at most 20 people read. Sorry if I am over expressing my anger. But I am voiceless.

      • Yeah if he doesn’t answer my mail I might start a quest like yours !!

        When I said “our theories” I was actually giving credits to Kinsman original blog he inspired me to dig deeper and figure out the universe theory/big bang/Rosalina’s visits. .. That guy is really pissing me off. I’ll contact you by mail.

  13. I was thinking about starting a petition. I could ask friends, online buds and everyone to sign and donate to the cause. I am just scared to do it. I have never made a petition.

  14. That is not anywhere close to sufficient evidence to claim that Once-Upon-A-Peach is Rosalina’s mother.

    Yes, the woman in that flashback is wearing blue earrings and has blonde hair, but concluding that this makes her Peach? She also wears a blue gown, so Rosalina is her own mother, right?

    Furthermore, as we can see, Bowser Jr. also looks very similar if not identical to how Bowser looks as a baby. From this, we can imply that in Mario, children generally look identical to the parent of the same gender.

    This means that Peach looks like her mother too. Ergo, in addition to being her own mother, Rosalina can now be Peach herself, who under this theory, was still on Earth when her mother died in this cycle and now wears her earrings.

    But wait! We can go further back! Peach’s mother looks like HER mother and so forth and so on, until we get to the point where any Princess had two daughters, both of whom would then look just like her.

    And look at that. Rosalina can now be descended from any female ancestor of Peach’s who has vaguely similar earrings and can remain only distantly related to her.

    “But who else has round blue earrings, o wise sage?!”

    Princess Daisy.

    They’re flowers, but in that simplistic image they can easily be rendered as circles. She obviously doesn’t have blonde hair, but that doesn’t mean that no one in her bloodline does, so Rosalina’s mother can be anyone from Daisy’s lineage too.



    Nintendo just makes all their Princesses look like dainty teacup-sipping nymphs with earrings and gowns.

    Dude, no way! That’s completely ridiculous.

  15. There are 2 game theory videos about this, and if you watch them they just make sense. The end of the second could flip your world.

  16. Actually, it makes more sense that Rosalina is the daughter of Peach and Luigi. Think about genetics.
    Rosalina is obviously one of the tallest characters in the Mario world so Mario’s genes would be less likely to produce a child as tall as Rosalina, whereas Luigi is a more likely father since he is taller. Rosalina is also left handed because she is always holding her wand in her left hand. Peach is actually abidextorous (probably butchered the spelling) because she plays left handed in baseball but right handed in golf. Mario has been established to be right handed, but Luigi plays left handed in every sport. Therefore, Peach and Luigi have a greater chance of having a left handed child.

    The only information ever provided about the father is that he had a mustache, so it could very well be Luigi. Maybe in one universe Luigi and Peach had children, Rosalina left earth and Peach died, then in another iteration of the universe, everyone exists but Peach and Mario have the relationship.
    Who knows, it’s all just a theory 🙂

  17. Yes the earrings match Peach’s, but that doesn’t mean it is Peach. Peach’s favorite color is pink, why would she be wearing blue? It is stated in Paper Mario that she only has pink dresses and loves the color pink. So Peach could not be her mother.
    This is my theory that makes more sense than that theory.

    Rosalina’s story begins with “Our story begins a very, very long time ago…” We know from that that Rosalina was born a long time, long before Peach was born. The castle that you see in her story is Mushroom Castle/Peach’s Castle. Her father and mother once ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom and had a son and a daughter (Rosalina.) That explains why she wears a crown from the beginning of the story and why the castle is in the background.

    Now when Rosalina left with luma and eventually became the adopted mother to the Lumas, her brother stayed and ruled the Mushroom Kingdom, since royalty is passed on to the son, and continued the line of royalty until eventually Peach was born. Now another thing that proves she came from the Mushroom Kingdom is that she states that she visits her home planet every one hundred years. It shows at the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy that every hundred years a comet appears over the Mushroom Kingdom and they hold a Star Festival in its return. Now for a civilization to recognize a comet returning every hundred years must have taken at least 3-4 centuries to hold the first festival. That means Rosalina is over 400 years old. That’s why Rosalina and Peach hold some similarities, but still look different since Peach was born generations after Rosalina. And also explains why Rosalina’s mother resembles Peach.

    • Ooor…The Peach in Mario Galaxy is a different Peach as Rosalina keeps hinting when she keeps saying the stars are reborn and the cycle repeats but is a little different each time. When thenUniverse resets in an instant at the end of Mario Galaxy thats what she is talking about. Her age compared to the current Peach is irrelevant because the Peach that IS her mother is buried under a tree and THAT Peach Might have loved Blue….Most Girls grow to emulate their Mother if shes a good Mother…So THAT Peach might have only wore blue which explains Rosalinas choice in color. But after she died a New Peach was Reborn and when Rosalina returned after who knows how long a New Pink Loving Peach had replaced the space her Blue Loving mother filled. Also the way Miyamoto acts when the subject is brought up is clear evidence that Peach IS Rosalinas Mother. If she wasnt he would have no issues saying simply NO when asked. But instead he avoids the question like a person that knows what your saying is true but they dont want to lie and say no so they say nothing or change the subject. Quite frankly IDKY People would be surprised Peach would give birth in some universe to a beautiful daughter….People act like they dont want Peach to ever have a happy moment in her life. Everytime you turn around shes being kidnapped…..Although my own theory is that its because of a betrayal she did to Bowser in the past but Ill save that for later….Anyway shes always getting Kidnapped, more often than not Mario is right there and does nothing but watch and then shes being locked in some dungeon and being saved by an obviously over eager peasant plumber who wants to get up her skirt and her true love has settled for another so that his brother can try for her affections cause thats the honorable thing to do sense Mario did see Peach first…..Yeah Im one of the people that firmly believes Luigi is Rosalina and her brothers dad….Even when I was a small girl I played Mario and I could see something was off….As I got older and started learning about crushes it became obvious….Mario is crushing on Peach hard and she is not interested in him in that same way…. I think it might be a girl thing to notice…..Or you have to be a guy whos really intune to suddle ques which science has proven most guys are not….They did a whole experiment with cupples to see if guys could really tell what their spouces were feeling based on their voice tone and body language while their spouses had on a fake smile…..They mostly failed then they did the same experiment with some single people and the men completely failed….Guys cant read girls emotions past what they see….Small suddle ques like a girl smiling while quickly walking away from them are lost to the smile….Thats why most stalkers are men….They think the girl liked them when in reality she was just trying to be nice….Anyway Peachs whole demeanor toward Mario is like a business professional. She is cordial towards him and more often than not happy to walk off and leave him after saying shell give him a cake and giving him a command of “Come Mario, lets return to Mushroom Kingdom” Shes just cold towards him and I dont know how so many people over the years have not seen that fact….But then again Mario is something of a sociopath so I wouldnt want to be friends or a lover with him either….I mean his violence towards the Koopa is just Sadistic, the joy on his face when he goes giant mode and is stomping them into the dirt is pure demonic and his actions towards his own brother are just down right cruel….If you never played Mario Tennis….Play it as Luigi and win and what what Marios sociopath ass does…..I played all the Mario games growing up and that was indeed the game that sealed Mario as an evil fake hero in my eyes….He is just heartless to his Younger Brother who Clearly Loves Him! Anyway I believe somewhere down the line Luigi gets with Peach after having tried to make it work with Daisy but eventually they realized it wasnt gonna work as Daisy give Luigi about the same amount of affection as Mario gets from Peach….Maybe they are just both Bitches who like the lime light and attention but dont feel anything towards the two cause they’re Plumbers…..Anyway Luigi and Peach have Rosalina and her brother….((Who I secretly believe is Link….Another theory for another day….Lolz!))….and they live together happily untill Rosalina goes missing, her brother dies from either cold or injury and then Peach is killed from injuries she received from a disgruntled Bowser the last time he kidnapped her and was actually killed. After already losing Rosalina to who knows where and his son to who knows what, losing Peach is more than the kind hearted Luigi can take and he hangs himself in his Mansion to be with the woman he loves and his childen he thinks are both gone too……Which explains why Luigi is trapped in the Manson. He killed himself after suffering from depression at not being able to save the people he loved most and who needed him and thus feels like a failure and hangs himself but because he dies with regrets hes trapped in his Manson till he accepts he isnt a failure nor was what happened his fault….((or in my other theory Luigi kills himself over Rosalina being lost and him not saving her from whatever took her. Then Peach goes to a new land to be away from all the pain her home now holds for her and is attacked by something and is badly injured. She comes to a magical forest where a giant tree grants her a place for her and her son to stay but she dies and her son is left in the magical forest never aging just like his sister till its time for him to become a Hero like his father was and he leaves on one of the most Amazing Adventures Ever Conceived…..Sorry had a fan girl moment there, LOLZ…..And yes I know thats an Epic Multiworld and Universe Theory….Theres actually a theory that all gaming world’s are connected….A discussion for another time….Lolz!)) But past that this theory makes a lot of sense….Its more likely that Luigi is Rosalinas father for multiple reasons and though theres the theory that Daisy is her mother that is less likely than Peach being her mother….Dark hair and eyes are dominant traits in the human gene pool if Daisy was her mother Rosalinas hair would not be a Platinum Blonde….Yea its possible she some how got the recessive genes for both blue eyes, very light skin and very light hair but that is very rare when compaired to the fact that her Dad and Mother if Daisy is her Mom have Dark hair and a slightly Darker skin shade….I know its barely noticeable but its there…..Furthermore why I am positive Daisy isnt her Mother…Look at the style of her fashion choice….Daisy had a very Earthy Princess style….You say WTF Does that even Mean!!? It means Daisy has flowers as ornaments and a gown that looks like flower pedals. Look at her upside down….She looks like a tulip or a bell flower. Look at her sleeves they look like little flowers. She has many more layers to her gown than Peach, just like flowers have many layers of pedals. Now look at Peach. While her gown is similar in shape it has much less detail and is rather humble when compaired to Daisys. This is because a Princess was to be the symbol of Etheral Beauty…This meant that SHE was the focus not Her Gown….Ornate dresses were worn for special occasions and on normal days the dress was simple and flowing so as the Princess moved it seemed like she was a being from another world, Sweet, Innocent, Pure, Modest and Untouchable. Now look at Rosalinas gown….Flowing simple and elegant…Just like Peachs gown. Again a daughter will usually emulate her mother if she was a good mother. So if makes more sense that Peach is her mom when you look at their very similar styles…..Lastly the thing that seals the theory for me that Peach is her Mom is their crowns and jewlery. In many Nations an ornate crown and jewlery is not just made for the King and Queen but also the Princes and Princesses. Most of the family jewlery has an insigna of the families crest and details in the design that symbolize things the family and kingdom represent or certain gems and stones that symbolize things about the family and kingdom. Every detail means something. Now look at Daisy’s crown. Its a gold crown with large Emeralds and Rubies and Pearl details to make the Emeralds look like flowers, her jewlery is also emeralds and pearls that look like flowers….Again, a very Earthen Princess look…Like a Princess of a forest Empire would wear. Now look at Peachs….She wears a gold crown with circular rubies and sapphires. Her details are simple circles around the gems but her gems are rather large. Like wise her jewlery is simple just large circular sapphires surrounded by a gold ring. Now look at Rosalinas her crown is silver not gold which denotes a lesser status like a younger Princess Or the daughter of a Queen would have. Her details too are simple, just little four point stars around sapphires and rubies…..Just like Peachs gems…..But Rosalinas gems are smaller in size again this denotes her lower status. Her jewlery is a simple star design the ear rings are a simple white gold four point star which carries the duel meaning of being a star but also is representative of a directional star for exploration…Again, EVERY Detail on in Royal Jewelry design has meaning….This is a rule. And the crest broach she wears is a simple silver star, again the silver showing her lower status in the hierarchy and instead of Sapphire like Peach has she has a Topaz gem in the center of the star to give it the yellow glow normally associated with stars while the silver out line reflects the white silver glow stars actually give off. When compaired to Daisy and Peach you would think Rosalina matches Daisy in the fact that her Jewls are themed. Daisy is flowers and Rosalina is stars….But that would be wrong….Flowers and Stars are worlds apart. They have no correlation to each other….Nkw you say well neither dies some circles and stars….Unless you think on what the circles represent….What is large round blue and precious to all people? Think….The wheels turn…..And its EARTH. From space Earth is a “Blue Marble” it is as precious as a pure sapphire is. As coveted as Gold. And is the very life blood for all life as we know it much like the Ruby symbolizes blood and is often used tonrepresent the Royal Blood of a family in their jewelry….Now that you know that Peach represents….The Earth its self you see where it fits that Rosalina js her child. Peach is Mother Earth while Rosalina is her little Star Child. Peach could also represent the moon however as the sapphire represents water which is the female element and the circle is the shape that represents femininity….Both of these things when put into a planetary astrological sense…..which is what Mario Galaxy is all about…become the Moon which is the Planetary Mother and the Ultimate Symbol of Femininity and the Ruler of all things Female. Peach is the Ultimate Symbol of the female spirit in the Mario world. And Rosalina is just as Etherally Beautiful as her….Daisy is cute….Not Beautiful….Cute….Like a little flower growing on the Earth. She represents life on the planet but Peach and Rosalina go beyond that, Rosalina quite literally as she travels amongst the stars themselves! I could also go into how Rosalina has full lips like Peach, her lashes are full like Peach and her eye brows are small and thin like Peach not thick and long like Daisys….But thats for another day….I am tire of writing now….Lolz….And before anyone asks I have been gameing sense I was 5 years old…I just turned 29 June 30th 2016…..Ive Been Playing Mario Games before I ever watched any Game Theorists videos or spoke on other random forums….I have say and thought about this stuff because I am an aspiring Game Designer. I always enjoyed getting the characters back story even as a child. So of course when Mario finally had a Princess that I felt was for me your damn right I wanted to know her story. I was always berated as a child for not being the stereotype girl…Like Peach….I was a tomboy but I could be girly.. But my favorite color was always blue and I was picked on for it. Seeing Rosalina made me happy as she is as far as Im concerned the most beautiful Princess Nintendo has ever produced and shes clad in blue which validatesfor todays girls what I alwsys said when I was picked on for liking blue….A Girl can like anything a boy can like cause we can do anything a boy can do better. I still live by that philosophy. And Rosalina shines that trait. She went on an epic journey through the stars to help a tiny Luma find its parent. She took responsibility instead of running away like a scared weak individual. She braved who knows what dangers as she traveled the stars….Anyone whos ever seen DBZ should know that space travel is riddled with danger…And she still mannagers faithfully every 100 years to come back and visit the place that used to be her home. She is an amazing woman and a shining example to girls everywhere that they are stronger than they could ever imagine and to never let anyone tell them differently. Anyway till Miyamoto confesses that Rosalina is or isnt Peach and Luigis, or Peach and Marios, or Daisy and Luigis, or Daisy and Marios, or Peach and Bowsers, or Daisy and Bowsers, or Peach and Daisys, or the Lumas and the Loraxs, daughter….We will just speculate and guess…..But hey….Its just a Theory, A Game Theory….Thanks for Reading! XD

      • And before you mention the typoes and random auto corrects…..I already know….Its 01:11am now….I dont care…..Thanks for reading!!! Lolz!! X.D

      • I loved reading everyone’s theories! Your vsriation was my favorite because you included link. I was playing Super Nintendo today and I remembered I have a game called “Mario is Missing.” Luigi travels the world to find his missing brother and has to talk to this female character that looks a lot like Peach. Perhaps this is the alternate universe where they end up together? She is wearing a blue dress and blue earrings and her hair is more of an orangish color. I wish I could post a pic.

    • Last note to your post….The issue of passage of the crown….The crown is passed to the Eldest Child….Not just to the boy…..King Henry the 8th had a sons and two daughters his son was the youngest and the crown went to his daughter Mary….Also known as Bloody Mary or the Red Queen….Sound familiar….Lots of childrens stories have dark histories behind them…..Anyway his son was too young to rule so it went to his sister. And then he died so she stayed Queen till she was exicuted and her sister Elizabeth took over. Actually theirs a Queen Elizabeth alive today ruling England. Just saying. That part of your theory is flawed. Rosalina is clearly older and thus would have been crowned ruler over her brother if she had not left when they were both small. And she never mentions what happened to her brother so he very well could have died before she went off with the Luma. Just saying…

  18. Tbh it would most likely be Daisy & Lugi as Rosalina’s parents, The woman in the story (if you knowest) didn’t have a pink dress but rather a orange dress, brown hair(in story the hair is a reddish orange),& yes her round blue eye rings. Also Mario doesn’t have a telescope but Lugi does(like game theory pointed out, Lugi is Tallest(as many of u pointed out),& The father had a Green hat,Plus it was kinda right that peach is related to Rosalina but since Daisy & Peach are sisters this would mean that Peach is Rosalina’s aunty & Mario is related to Lugi would mean that Mario is Rosalina’s Uncle. Daisy must’ve died once Rosalina found Luma, But how exactly did Daisy die though? Well maybe, Daisy & Peach were outside talking to eachother until Bowser wanted to come & kidnap Peach (because of his unhumanly love for her) so Daisy decided to go help & protect Peach from Bowser, So Daisy must have been standing infront of Peach so Bowser must’ve grabbed Daisy & Litterly thrown her down every hard, just enough to kill her, Peach starts crying after what Bowser had done & Bowser grabs peach & goes to his Castle (where Mario has to save her and what not). After Rosalina comes back, shes disturbed & in tears after she tries to see if her Mom is still alive but Daisy isn’t moving nor breathing so poor lil Rosalina cries. Rosalina may have some features of Peach but I can mostly see that its Daisy facial features, body structure,& Lugi’s Tall body.

    but this is in my opinion & everyone is entitled to there opinions.

  19. Hey dude, is it ok if I make a petition to make Game Theory admit you guys made this theory? He totally ripped you off and is getting all the credit for it. I am sick of this guy, you guys deserve credit.

      • I got a small following so maybe if I go through petition and twitter we might make a big enough stink to get his attention. I really just want this guy to go down.

  20. Apparently the Game Theory guy is doing a “Live streaming” where users can interact with him in live Wednesday August 26 at 7 PM PST.
    He talks about it in his last video : .
    But I don’t know how this streaming live interaction works.
    Maybe we can get him to admit live his rip off of our theory.

    • His steam will most likely have a lot of commenters. However, there is a chance that he has a sub button. I hate to do this, but if we sub and give him $5, he will most likely see us and might even have a sub only chat at times. There is no way GT could ignore the questions of the people who straight up gave him money in front of his viewers. This will give us the opportunity to chat with him.

  21. Excuse me, but I’d rather not see anyone cause any drama with Game Theory about this.

    The secrets of Super Mario Galaxy are not *that* deeply hidden, and it’s perfectly possible for two people to come to these conclusions separately.

    Trying to chase him and confront him over his Facebook or stream is just going to cause trouble that isn’t necessary.

    • Umm i’m not sure I think I did it already a long time ago, and youtube didn’t accept the complain back then. I have to double check my mails. If not I’ll give it a shot

      • I see you have a problem with Game Theory
        But the thing is many people can come up with the same theory(with maybe some minor tweaks) and I hate to say this, but don’t bother someone just because they made a theory about something… Many people make theories for tons of fandoms, also they can be similar to someone else. Take one of my favorite games Danganronpa where people think that Junko never did die, Celestia was actually the mastermind, ect…. You can’t get all pissywhipped about it or be crying about it. There where probuly tons of people who thought peach was Rosalina’s mum are you going to complain about that. 🤔 Makes you seem like a jerk if you do, and also quite immature… Let’s start acting our age please and not make a fuss about it and if game theory did see your blog I’m pretty sure he would of mentioned it and gave credit about it.. If you keep pestering someone about something they did not do and just assuming no wonder they will ignore the heck out of you…Also the peach is Rosalina’s mother theory doesn’t techinally belong to you… It’s not art or from a book…like I said before a theory is a theory don’t get so pissy about it….I’m pretty sure I had theories in my head and others had similar theories, sooooooo don’t make a big dick about it damn it is just a theory

        Also to be more precise Game Theory does hook up with other theory youtubers aka Razzbowski, 8-bit gaming, Dawko and some others for fnaf theories and Scott Cawthon creators of FNAF said he was on the nose….so be respectful to other theorist out there don’t be harsh because not everyone has seen your theory only liiiiiiike probuly a certain amount…

        Just calm down… If anything you can say ‘hey it’s a decent theory, I have a similar theory just a little different…”

        Don’t hound a busy Youtuber for having a similar theory. That’s just rude…and yes I know I’m being relative…I just think it’s wrong

      • Minor tweaks

        I made some spelling errors because of autocorrect
        Just please don’t be a jerk that’s all I ask and say that the peach is rosalina’s mother belongs to just frustrates me so much..

        Good day and happy June 13th

      • Lol Chill out “Random Account”. This story is over 3 years old, it’s no big deal. I talked to Matthew Robert back then (GT guy), and he told me he had a similar theory and was indeed very inspired by the blog and my diagram back then (He admitted it, unfortunately I don’t have the exchange from back then). He told me he would think about mentioning it, but never did. He was too busy working on other videos to edit old ones and didn’t give a shit. He pushed the theory even farther implying Luigi could even be her father. Anyway, I was a little upset back then for not being credited, but I don’t really care anymore. I prefer to stay in the dark and let him have the glory and fame, I don’t mind. Deep down he’s not a honest man, and he’s the one who has to live with his theft. The tide always turn for this people like that.
        You can relax and move on and continue to worship him, his videos are well made. I don’t claim myself to be a Theory guy or even own the Theory itself. I just got interested in that subject and pushed it to my limits for fun.

  22. Birdo,a youtuber i watch (the game theorists)explained that in a timeline you had a parallel series of multiverses,each with a small tweak.So peach died in one and lived in the other.Easier,so you had a reset bottom on the old nes(go with me here)you put a game of mario bros in,the screen is black,hit eject,glow on it a little,put it back in,it works!hit the reset botton,it now has the blocks and goombas in a different place than before.Mario galaxy is working on the phophisy of the galaxy resetting itself,remixing itself every time.Like rosalina said”the cycle never repeats itself in the same way how does it explain this with peach being dead,peach is rosalina’s mother from a previos part of the cycle of the galaxy.Peach had a child,raised her,then died,sad rosalina flew away to only return every 100 years or every new cycle of the galaxy.If you have played it as luigi,you have proof!with mario you have to save luigi ftom the haunted mansion but with luigi you think you’ll be saving mario but you’re still saving luigi because you’re meeting a different version of luigi from a different time of the 1905 Albert Einstein proposed a theory.NASA took two clocks,set them at the same stayed on earth and the other in a rocket scenet up a drove around the earth a couple times.when the clock got back the one on earth was a little bit ahead thanks the one on the rocket because it moves slower with motion the faster you move the more the difference.rosalina’s ship moves close to the speed of light so for her,time moves 1 year with her ship moving close to the speed of light,is 100 years of earth time so if rosalina’s 20, that’s 2000 years worth of earth time!and finally,in the French version (thx to the people who said that rosalina wishes to stroke her dad’s mustache)mario or luigi is peaches father and yes I speak French I played the French and English version.So it is maybe confirmed the Rosalina is Peach and Mario (or Luigis)daughter from a previous part of the galaxy cycle so there you are all welcome for the long speech. (Took me a while to write but I did it for everyone who is wondering)and in the storybook the brother is wearing a green hat but it’s not luigi he just owns a green hat.simple.luigi owns a telescope,if beat game with luigi you get secret star with pic of luigi and rosalina so yeah maybe luigi is peaches husband? (It can’t be it can’t happen no mario is peaches love not luigi!!)some of you might say that.”But that’s just a theory…a game theory!”says the game theorists.Go check his YouTube channel out it’s cool!

  23. And before people even keep going with the lets attack Game Theorists…..Read the Name….Game…THEORISTS! Theres more than just one. While it might be one person whos recording the vids and posting Im quite sure he collaborates with other people who have also thought up all these ideas. Stop hating because you werent smart enough to think to post your ideas online before him and move on. All youre going to do is cause yourself to get banned from youtube for harassment because they are not gonna shut the Game Theorists channel down….They dont want a riot on their hands. I have a theory that Link is the brother in Rosalinas story book….That doesnt mean Im gonna throw a hissy fit because someone posts a video saying the same “THEORY” cause its just that a THEORY nothing more or less….You cant claim credit for an Idea to a franchise you dont OWN. The Mario Universe isnt Your Idea so you Have No Legal Claims to any video of Theories to the Game. All you will do is cause yourself problems with your own youtube account. Past that….Rosalina is Links sister and Peach and Luigi are their parents…..Thats just my theory, My Game Theory….Thanks for Reading!!

      • Theories are Theories
        Everyone has them
        We all do
        Some people have simaler theories no need to be a jackass
        And yes make the blog was made before the fucking video but
        Hence my reasoning and listen
        Theories are Theories
        No one owns the right to a theory because someone else
        Might have a simaler theory
        Sooo see what I’m getting at
        That’s also why two games that look very simaler but are slightly different both can stay up…

        Say you think a character in a game or movie series(cartoon as well because I have seen these types of theories) well you think they a gay, bi or lesbian (happy pride month btw).Yes the theory was made by like said you I’m your head….but other people might have the same theory huh huh.

        Also proof that he does give credit to whom he gets ideas well here here watch the will sonic survive how fast he goes (i can’t remember what it exactly was called) but point case in fact Youtubers have to credit music aka audio, Images (aka art) and anything else… Hence he does or he would of had a lawsuit because he earns money 🤔 From YouTube.. Let everything come in because everything is a damn theory hence everyone makes them so having a hissy ass fit is wrong hence maybe others where having a similar theory to this one in their heads. LET ME ASK YOU WOULD YOU BE WHINNING LIKE A THREE OLD THAT JUST LOST HIS BLANKET OR LITTLE TOY HUH HUH JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD THE SAME THEORY OR A SIMILAR ONE. FOR ONE IT WOULD BE EASIER TO JUST GIVE THE LINK TO A SIMILAR THEORY BUT WITH A DIFFERENT PRESPECTIVE.




        Remember no one ones the right to a theory since it’s just a theory. You can’t hound someone for having a similar theory. It’s not a book like hmmm science books in school or hmm or a source like Wikipedia. This Blog is just a theory blog soooooo please for the almighty Atua do not be fighting over this subject..

        Also have you ever heard you should ask the teacher your question because other’s might have the same question hmmmm

        If not. Well I feel very sorry for you all

  24. There are so many holes and flaws in this theory that it doesn’t even add up correctly. For example, the tree on the hill is no where to be seen. The earrings Rosalina’s mother wore look just like Princess Peach’s, but it doesn’t mean it is Peach. Peach’s favorite color is pink, why would she be wearing blue? It is stated in Paper Mario that she only has pink dresses and loves the color pink.

    Rosalina’s story begins with “Our story begins a very, very long time ago…” We know from that that Rosalina was born a long time, long before Peach was born. If it was so long ago, that means Peach would have to have aged the same way Rosalina has. The castle that you see in her story is Mushroom Castle/Peach’s Castle. Her father and mother once ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom and had a son and a daughter (Rosalina.) That explains why she wears a crown from the beginning of the story and why the castle is in the background. It also explains why Rosalina’s mother is wearing earrings that look like Princess Peach’s earrings. In a royal family, the earrings and other jewelry are passed down.

    Now when Rosalina left with luma and eventually became the adopted mother to the Lumas, her brother stayed and ruled the Mushroom Kingdom, since royalty is passed on to the son, and continued the line of royalty until eventually Peach was born. The earrings and other heirlooms were passed down and now Peach wears those same earrings. Now another thing that proves she came from the Mushroom Kingdom is that she states that she visits her home planet every one hundred years. It shows at the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy that every hundred years a comet appears over the Mushroom Kingdom and they hold a Star Festival in its return. Now for a civilization to recognize a comet returning every hundred years must have taken at least 3-4 centuries to hold the first festival. That means Rosalina is over 400 years old. That’s why Rosalina and Peach hold some similarities, but still look different since Peach was born generations after Rosalina. And also explains why Rosalina’s mother resembles Peach. It also explains why you can’t see the tree anymore near the castle since hundreds of years can change what the landscape looks like due to development or natural changes.

    In Super Mario Galaxy 2, people wonder why Rosalina acts like she does not remember Mario, but everyone forgets that she and Peach have not met yet. That’s why she introduces herself again.

    This theory has far less holes in it than that one.

  25. Reading this and I think that the baby star which then transforms into a galaxy was really Rosalina’s mother in chaper 4 of the dream she says she will one day become a star, but im not sure

  26. (doesent have to do with this) but does anyone know how this works, when all the lumas jump in the black hole and sacrifice themselves, why is SMG2 does mario have that same luma or is it a different one?

  27. Is Mario Galaxy 2 in another dimension from Mario Galaxy 1 because Mario doesn’t remember the Lumas and he doesn’t end up on the Comet Observatory but the Starship Mario.

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